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From £79.99 (Youth) £99.99 (Adult)

Impact force reduction – reduces the amount of force from impact to the skull and brain – reducing the risk of concussion.

Breathable – we use breathable fabrics and MASS impact is breathable ensuring full breathability and temperature control throughout the whole product.

Durability – will work at the same level season after season (up to 3 seasons)

Washable – can be washed like any other piece of kit.


Your game begins in the changing room. Pulling on the jersey, putting in the gum shield; preparation is key. Lacing your boots. Training has been intense. Kick off is imminent. The team is united; everyone huddles round one last time before running out. It’s then time to go – out of the changing room, out onto the grass and over the white line. Everything is in place. You’re ready to play.


The new Heimdall helmet with patented MASS Impact technology is made to protect – providing the very best-in-class protection that you can rely on. Whether you’re dashing through a gap in the defence, tackling the biggest players on the pitch or facing down a marauding opponent, you can be assured of innovative technology, high-end breathability and a washable helmet for your own personal protection.


Our helmet has been extensively tested by Virginia Tech – the world leaders in sports helmet testing. This means you can be fully assured that our product has been subjected to the very finest testing and does exactly what we say it offers.

MASS Impact is our own bespoke, patented technology which is at the heart of the helmet.  The shock absorbing material that we use is specifically designed to reduce impacts and forces on the head. We have conclusive proof of the superior performance of our technology compared to standard materials used in other helmets on the market. We truly believe in our motto – Designed for the Relentless.



Mild traumatic brain injuries are a common hazard at all levels of rugby and we seek to reduce this risk with the unique design of our product. The combination of the materials used and the geometry of how they are placed dissipates the impact when force is applied.  MASS Impact slows down the force into the head and also decreases the speed at which the brain accelerates into the skull. Our testing shows that our technology delivers up to 89% better protection than conventional scrum caps on the market.

We also offer far greater longevity than other products can muster. This is a multi-use item; MASS Impact provides a better return to form than standard EVA foams. You can therefore be confident of continued protection, week after week.

Above all the HALO is designed to make everybody safer playing the sport you love.



While safety is at the heart of what we do, we understand that comfort is also a key concept for players. There is little value in equipment that is bulky, heavy or unsuitable for competitive play. We therefore have designed the helmet on the basis of aesthetics and practicality just as much as looking at the protective elements. While you can be assured of the robust nature of the product, the helmet itself is lightweight and made using breathable fabric so that performance is not inhibited by wearing it. The helmet is fully machine washable to further enhance repeated use; no special measures need to be taken to keep the helmet clean and ready for wear.

Image supplied thanks to Dave Attwood, Bristol Bears & JMPUK


What is the product?

A helmet designed to reduce the effects of impacts to the head in rugby, including all concussion related injuries.

How does the product work?

We make use of our bespoke, patented MASS Impact Technology which uses shock absorbing material to control the force of impacts to the head.

What are the current risks of concussion in rugby?

Between 5 and 25 percent of injuries in rugby are to the head. Of these, 44 percent are concussions. Concussions are significantly more likely in rugby than in any other popular contact sport. Studies suggest that in 2015/16, playing more than 25 games in a professional season would make suffering concussion more likely than emerging unscathed. Both Australia’s NRL and World Rugby are continually looking to take measures to reduce these numbers which demonstrate the significant current risk of concussion at all levels.

Does the product offer complete protection from concussion?

No. No product can ever offer you such guarantees and we emphasise the importance of proper training and practice to tackle and engage correctly. Any such claims are at best, negligent. However, we can confidently state that our product offers the very best protection on the market as a result of the rigorous testing that we have made.

Can you continue to play after receiving a knock to the head while wearing the product?

The product is designed to protect against knocks to the head and defend against concussions. We would anticipate that in the vast majority of cases, the protection offered should be highly effective and play can continue. Nevertheless, it is critical that any blow to the head is followed by a proper on field examination. Any signs of concussion should lead to the player leaving the pitch for a full Head Injury Assessment and should this be failed, no return to the field should be attempted and further medical advice should be sought.

How has the product been tested?

Our product has been tested in conjunction with Virginia Tech, the world’s leading sports helmet testing facility and experts on impact injuries.   The testing protocols used for the test are  here ( https://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/bitstream/handle/10919/82953/Adult%20Football%20STAR%20Methodology.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

and here (https://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/bitstream/handle/10919/90790/flag-football-STAR-protocol.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y )

How long does the product last?

This is a multi-use helmet and testing shows that it can be used safely even after heavy impact. It is however important that you thoroughly examine the product after each use to check for any damage.



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