The Top
The Pod


Our bespoke MASS Impact Technology provides the very best protection on the market. The technology employed in our HALO helmet works on two levels:

1. The top

A soft thermoplastic that dampens impact across a low spectrum. The top is the first line of defence, into which the pod collapses. Providing a large surface area, the tops maximise the displacement of the force.

1. The Pod

Designed to collapse and deform at a specific rate, the pod dissipates impact not only across its surface area, but also through distance. In combination with the material, the pod is the workhorse of MASS Impact.



 The HALO offers genuine best-in-class protection at all levels of the game. You can be assured of a product that is smart looking and comfortable to wear that equally makes no concessions on safety. The testing procedures and world leading scrutiny that have been applied to the HALO are unrivalled elsewhere – it truly is Designed For The Relentless.

Mass impact rugby helmet


Protecting against head injuries is the number one concern for governing bodies across the sporting world at present. With the risks and impacts of mild traumatic brain injuries and concussions being highlighted on a rapidly increasing basis, it is critical that you and your team enter each game knowing that your safety is in the very best hands.  The MASS Impact technology provides multi-impact protection across a wide range of impact forces.

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MASS Impact has been used in an industrial capacity on production and manufacturing lines.  If a product has needed protecting or is part of a process where impact happens – which in some cases is unavoidable – then MASS Impact is a potential solution.

MASS Impact has been installed in a bottle manufacturing plant to eliminate damaged bottles that get filled, are then undetected and go out to the customer.  This cost the manufacturer both in efficiency and hard cash when product is returned.  MASS Impact was a solution to reduce the damage in the manufacturing process.

MASS Impact has damping properties for sound as well as impact and can work to reduce noise levels.  This has an impact on workers in manufacturing plants and can reduce overall noise in specific areas where products repeatedly impact hard surfaces.



Heimdall was formed in 2013 by our CEO John Wood. With a grounding in shock absorption and material impact, John created MASS Impact as a means of improving protection within this sphere – specifically within the headwear, footwear and body armour markets. Testing began in 2014 which confirmed the viability of MASS and by 2016 the technology was fully patented in Europe, America and Australasia.



The HALO is the culmination of work stretching over this period to develop the very best product possible. Through comprehensive testing in coordination with Virginia Tech – the world’s leading authority on concussion and helmet safety – we can fully back up the claims we make and can truly say that we exceed all current standards offered elsewhere.


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